Serious Defense At Every Stage Of The Criminal Process

When you're facing criminal charges, you need an attorney who understands what prosecutors are thinking to protect your rights and your future. At J. Kippa Law, LLC, attorney Jeffrey Kippa knows how to position his clients in the best light to get the best possible outcome for them.

Experienced Attorney Focused On Your Future

Jeffrey Kippa has years of experience working with prosecutors on criminal cases in Wisconsin, and his knowledge of the criminal justice system helps him address any concerns prosecutors and judges may have in a given case.

The law firm focuses on its clients' future, and attorney Jeffrey Kippa truly cares about getting his clients any necessary help they need during and after handling their cases. He is dedicated to finding the light at the end of the tunnel, whether that means negotiating a plea bargain to reduce charges or taking the case to trial.

Early Representation Is Essential

Jeffrey Kippa has represented adults and juveniles facing criminal charges that stem from drug crimes, DUI/OWI, sexual assault accusations, domestic abuse and other criminal matters. These types of criminal charges require a seasoned criminal defense attorney who understands the complexity of criminal cases and the importance of working proactively with prosecutors to find the best outcome for his or her clients.

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Jeffrey Kippa is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Appleton, representing clients in Green Bay, Oshkosh and throughout Wisconsin. Contact the law firm online or call them at 920-944-3352 to learn more about how they can help.