A Path Forward
Criminal Defense Attorneys in appleton, WI who will guide you and FIGHT for you.

After being charged with a crime, you may feel stranded. We can defend your 

freedom and help you get on the right path. ~Attorney Jeffrey Kippa



When people find themselves in the position of needing a criminal defense attorney, oftentimes they are at extremely low points in their lives. While every case is different, each person charged needs a guide – someone to show the criminal justice system (the prosecutor, the judge, and sometimes the public) that they are not the person they are being portrayed to be. And, that’s what I want to be: their guide.


Christine A. Bruen

While I am relatively new to Wisconsin, I bring years of professional experience to my role as an associate attorney at J. Kippa Law. I have both civil and criminal litigation in my background, but vastly prefer the world of criminal law. My primary experience is as a prosecutor. I am licensed in several states and began my career in Virginia as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in City of Norfolk where I worked for 8 and ½ years.

Legal Practice Areas

Together we represent more than 60 years of experience in claims-expertise: to prevent, to investigate and to defend.

Serious Defense At Every Stage Of The Criminal Process

If you run into the unfortunate situation in which you may be facing criminal charges, you will need an experienced attorney that understands all facets of the legal system, both in the pretrial period, as well as in the courtroom, and the moments after. Preparing a proper defense for your case starts with partnering with an attorney who understands what prosecutors are thinking. In order to reach the ultimate goal, to protect your rights and your future in the long term, an experienced criminal defense attorney will analyze any and all potential arguments, from any and all possible angles, in order to ensure that you and your team are prepared for whatever may happen throughout your case. At J. Kippa Law, LLC, we put our clients’ needs first. After years of experience in and out of the courtroom, for a wide variety of criminal defense cases, attorney Jeffrey Kippa and his team know how to position their clients in the best light to get the best possible outcome for them. We pride ourselves on making sure that our clients are thoroughly prepared and informed throughout the process, so that they can feel confident in knowing that they will be well represented, and well informed about their rights and options before any firm or life changing decisions are made for their future. Making a decision about who will help you determine your path forward is not one that you should be taking lightly, and our team holds it just as seriously.

At the law firm of J. Kippa Law, LLC, attorney Jeffrey Kippa genuinely cares about getting his clients any help they need during and after their cases. The firm is dedicated to finding the light at the end of the tunnel, whether that means negotiating a plea bargain to reduce charges or taking the case to trial.

Early Representation Is Essential

Facing a criminal charge is no easy feat, and many serious charges can be tough to beat in the long run. No matter the charge though, a key determining factor in how the process will move forward stands in the hands of your choice of legal representation. It is vital to secure experienced representation as early in the process as possible, and not just anyone. A criminal defense lawyer  should be there for you in order to provide legal advice about your case, as well as local and national regulations regarding similar allegations. Selecting a law office to work with should involve a search to ensure that the attorneys align with any specific needs relating to your unique case and needs because of it. With that in mind, when you are ready to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you during your legal proceedings, choosing J Kippa Law will be a wisely informed decision that will set your case up for success. Our team has a long lasting and proven track record of successful legal representation. The entire lawyer directory of our firm has represented adults and juveniles facing criminal charges involving drug crimes, DUI/OWI, sexual assault, domestic abuse, along with personal injury cases and other criminal matters. These types of criminal charges require a seasoned criminal defense team who understand the complexity of criminal cases as well as firmly grasping the importance of working proactively with prosecutors in order to find the best outcome for clients.