2 women and 1 man arrested after Wisconsin man overdoses

The Sheriff’s department in Adams County has pursued charges against two women and one man allegedly connected to a recent overdose. The overdose took place in the Town of Dell Prairie in a house on Highway 13. Emergency response personnel administered an overdose treatment to an unconscious man and took him to Baraboo hospital on August 27.

The overdose incident prompted law enforcement to obtain a search warrant for the location. Authorities reported finding items associated with drugs at the home as well as a child. They arrested a 37-year-old woman and charged her with neglecting a child as well as providing a place for drug trafficking and possession and delivery of heroin.

The second woman, age 33, faces a charge of possessing methamphetamine with an intent to deliver. Her additional charges include possession of drug paraphernalia and two counts of jumping bail. Law enforcement officials also maintain that she attempted to obstruct the investigation. The 36-year-old man also arrested after the overdose received a charge of heroin possession.

Someone caught up in a police drug investigation has a right to legal representation. An attorney could inform the client about the ramifications of the drug charges and their associated penalties. This information might help the person understand the stakes of the situation before entering a plea. The attorney might also weigh the evidence against the severity of the charges. Any weakness in the evidence could prompt the lawyer to ask for a dismissal or reduction of charges. If that is not feasible, an attorney might strive to negotiate a plea bargain that allows the defendant to participate in a drug diversion program instead of going to jail.

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