Day: September 28, 2017

On Sept. 19, it was reported that 19 people in Wisconsin were charged with federal drug offenses after authorities seized a large amount of drugs and cash. The U.S. Attorney’s Office stated that the accused individuals were believed to be involved in a drug conspiracy that spanned the nation.

Investigators said that the accused individuals were trafficking drugs using hidden compartments in commercial auto carriers. They were then transporting the drugs across state and international lines. The drugs appeared to be coming from Mexico, California and Illinois. During the seizure, authorities recovered 31 kilograms of cocaine, 10 pounds of meth and more than two kilograms of heroin. They also recovered about $1.3 million in cash and multiple weapons.

The 19 individuals who were taken into custody could be sentenced to life in prison if they are convicted of the charges. Authorities said they were still looking for two other individuals who were thought to be involved. Authorities had reportedly been investigating this drug organization for more than one year.

Federal drug charges can result in serious legal consequences, including lengthy prison sentences. The severity of the potential consequences depend on the type and amount of drugs involved and the accused person’s alleged role in the drug organization. A criminal law attorney may investigate the case to determine if there are options to have the charges reduced or even dismissed. In some cases, the attorney may find that the authorities conducted an unlawful search, meaning any evidence that was found could potentially be suppressed. This could lead to a dismissal of the charges.

Source: FOX 6 Now, ““Extensive operation” busted: 19 arrested, 2 more sought in nationwide drug conspiracy“, Ashley Sears, Sept. 19, 2017

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