Day: October 25, 2018

When Appleton residents are being sought by law enforcement, it can lead to major problems if they are found and they refuse to surrender. With warrants, it is natural to be concerned about how the case will be handled and the potential long-term consequences. This is compounded when the person decides to barricade him or herself in a residence to avoid arrest. For people who are dealing with these charges, having legal assistance is imperative to seeking a positive resolution.

A man and a woman were arrested following a standoff in which they refused to exit a residence. The man, 25, had a probation hold. The woman, 28, had two warrants against her. The standoff started when law enforcement saw the man and recognized that he was being sought. He entered the residence and refused to come out. This began at around 7:30 p.m. The woman was also in the residence. According to police, in the past the man was believed to have been armed and was distributing drugs.

Law enforcement used various non-lethal strategies to get the couple to come out. Two others who were inside did come out. The couple who law enforcement wanted did not. Eventually, the SWAT team was called and they used other tactics to get the woman out of the home. The man still did not come out. They searched the property and found him in the attic at around 5:45 a.m. The residence was searched. Police were told the man had a gun and had used heroin. They found the gun. The two were arrested.

People who are facing several criminal charges must remember that they are innocent until proven guilty and they have rights. This is true regardless of the allegations. Of course, being convicted of serious drug and weapons crimes can lead to severe long-term consequences, but there are many avenues to cobble together a strong defense. For those who have substance abuse issues, it might even be possible to have treatment in lieu of penalties. Before saying or doing anything, it is imperative that the person charged have legal help with criminal defense. Calling a lawyer is the first step.



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