Serious Consequences With Sex Crimes

When you are charged with a sex crime, there is a lot at stake. Not only do you face serious criminal penalties, but also your reputation could be ruined in the future. You may be forced to register as a sex offender, and that designation could affect your ability to get a job or live in certain places.

Attorney Jeffrey Kippa of J. Kippa Law, LLC, will work hard to protect your reputation and defend you from these charges. He has extensive experience handling all types of sex crime charges in Wisconsin.

What Charges Are You Facing?

The consequences in your case if you are convicted will depend on the charges you face. Attorney Jeffrey Kippa defends clients facing a wide range of sex crime charges, including:

  • Sexual assault: Also known as rape, this crime carries significant penalties. Even if your case involves statutory rape or date rape, it is important to have skilled legal representation on your side throughout the process.
  • Solicitation of a minor: In recent years, law enforcement have been improving their technology and targeting individuals who solicit minors online. If you are facing charges for this type of crime, you need a lawyer who understands the technical issues in the case and can poke holes in the evidence presented by the prosecution. Some charges for solicitation, including the use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime, can result in serious felony charges.
  • Child pornography: Possession, exhibition or distribution of child porn is a very serious offense that can result in a Class I felony charge. Conviction for any type of felony can lead to prison time, heavy fines and impact your civil rights into the future.

There are many different charges in Wisconsin for all types of sex crimes. Attorney Jeffrey Kippa will clearly explain the consequences you face and defend you from those charges.

Sex Offender Registration

All of the crimes listed above, as well as a number of other crimes require registration as a sex offender in Wisconsin. Additionally, even where registration is not required, a judge may order registration.

Most sex crimes require registration for 15 years after conviction. However, there are certain situations where you may be required to register for life. This includes:

  • Repeated convictions for the same-sex crime
  • Conviction for first- or second-degree sexual assault
  • Violent sex crimes
  • Certain sex crimes involving children

When you are registered as a sex offender, information about you and your crime will be available to the public and to community watch groups. This means that when you apply for a job or move into a new neighborhood, you may have issues because of your conviction.

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