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A Path Forward.

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We understand.

You should feel scared when you’re facing criminal charges; your future hinges on the outcome of your case.

On one end of the spectrum you could find yourself a free person with a clean record and a bright future. On the other end, you could be a convicted felon whose opportunities are restricted as a result of a criminal record.

The silver lining is that right now is probably the lowest point of your life and you have the power to take a step in the right direction by seeking the advice and representation of a skilled team of criminal defense lawyers.

Compassionate Attorneys You Can Trust

At J. Kippa Law, LLC our team of attorneys combines for over 30 years of criminal defense experience. We understand what you are going through and have helped people in your situation come out on the other side with a chance at a better future.

We take a compassionate approach to handling these sensitive cases and will always keep your best interests at heart when exploring your defense options.

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Act Now To Protect Yourself

The first step in protecting your rights, your reputation, and your future is speaking to one of our attorneys about your situation. In fact, that is the only speaking you should be doing right now. Before speaking to the police or investigators, call our Appleton office at 920-733-1100 or contact us online.  We serve clients throughout the state including Green Bay and Oshkosh.


    Disclaimer : The information you provide on the intake form is not confidential and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

    Your attorney's experience can make all the difference when your future is on the line. Learn how attorney Jeffrey Kippa can help you move forward. Call 920-733-1100