Adam Pally charged with cocaine and marijuana possession

Wisconsin fans of “Happy Endings” and the “Mindy Project” might be interested in learning that actor Adam Pally, who has roles in both shows, has been arrested and charged with possessing drugs. According to sources, Pally was reportedly arrested and charged with the offenses on March 28 in New York City.

Officials with the New York Police Department reported that Pally was charged with two misdemeanor offenses of drug possession. One count was for allegedly possessing cocaine while the other count was for allegedly possessing marijuana.

Officers reported that they saw Pally smoking marijuana with an e-cigarette around 10:46 p.m in Manhattan on West 48th Street. After placing him under arrest, the officers then report that they searched Pally, finding a small amount of cocaine. After he was processed, Pally was released with a desk appearance ticket. He has not publicly commented on the incident since that time.

When people are facing drug charges, they may face convictions ranging from misdemeanors to major felonies. Drug offenses are treated harshly by the state, and people might want to get help from criminal defense lawyers as soon as they can. When lawyers are able to start working on drug cases early in the process, they may be able to uncover favorable witnesses and evidence that might otherwise be lost. Criminal defense lawyers who are experienced with defending against drug crime allegations may also look for issues with how the officers investigated the cases. If the police made mistakes with the stops, searches, questioning or seizures, the lawyers may challenge the admissibility of the evidence against their clients in motions hearings.

Source: Refinery 29, “Mindy Project & Happy Endings actor Adam Pally arrested for alleged drugs possession“, Erin Donnelly, March 30, 2017.

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