Adams County heroin investigation focuses on 2 women

A law enforcement investigation of drug trafficking in Adams County has resulted in the arrest of two women. Police stopped them while they were traveling together on Wisconsin Highway 13 in Adams. A news release from the sheriff’s office described them as a 54-year-old from Friendship and a 34-year-old from Adams.

Because investigators believed the women to be involved in distributing drugs within the county, police had also obtained a search warrant for the younger woman’s home. The officer’s conducted their search at roughly the same time as the women’s arrest. The search reportedly produced evidence to justify criminal charges against both of them.

Investigators have asked the district attorney to charge the older woman with cocaine possession with an intent to deliver as well as charges for possessing drug paraphernalia. Her younger colleague will likely face similar charges for heroin and skipping bail.

An arrest for drug trafficking could result in serious consequences if a conviction is obtained, including a prison sentence. A person coping in the aftermath of an arrest could reach out to an attorney for advice. An attorney could explain the severity of the drug charges and offer an opinion about how the person should enter a plea. With legal advice, a person could make an informed decision between going to trial or pursuing a plea bargain. An attorney might gain a plea deal through negotiations with a prosecutor. Reduced charges and a light sentence might emerge if an attorney can call into question the validity of some evidence. An unlawful search and seizure by law enforcement could result in the exclusion of evidence and a case dismissal.

Source: WKOW, “Adams County women facing heroin trafficking charges“, Feb. 20, 2018

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