Alleged fake doctor faces multiple criminal charges

A Wisconsin man, who is a resident of Appleton, faces multiple criminal charges in connection with allegations that he held himself out as a psychologist to multiple patients and even treated them for their ailments. The man does not have a medical license.

Investigators say that the man, who gave a different last name when treating patients, was licensed as a nurse but later found himself out of work and unable to get a job.

While engaging in his purported ruse, he gave psychiatric medications to patients even though he did not have authority to prescribe. The medications belonged to him.

Police also say that the man administered a shot to another patient with mental health issues which turned out to be a flu shot. He also reportedly provided a concoction to someone who was struggling with depression.

The man’s charges include practicing medicine without a license and theft by deception. Prosecutors use the latter charge when they believe a person took the property of another by lying or by trickery.

According to police, the man took elaborate steps to make his practice look authentic. He purchased some medical equipment from various sources, but he also allegedly admitted stealing some equipment and a pad to write prescriptions from a dentist whose office was close to his own.

This is an unusual case in many respects. If anything, it illustrates that, far from being a funny movie or television plot, pretending to be a doctor, a public servant or other professional can carry with it some serious consequences, particularly since, in this case, controlled substances were involved. This man will likely need a strong criminal defense.

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