Alternatives are available for drug charges

There are lots of people in Appleton and the surrounding area of Outagamie County that are suffering under the weight of a drug or alcohol addiction. Many of these people are, generally speaking, law-abiding citizens, and they certainly behave themselves when they are able to stay sober.

Unfortunately, though, in moments of distress or in the midst of other problems, it is very easy for a Wisconsin resident who is fighting a drug addiction to relapse and wind up facing drug charges or related proceedings, including, for example, a petition to revoke their probation. For those who do not know, having one’s probation revoked usually means a person goes to jail.

These sorts of legal matters can obviously have a profound effect on the life of a Wisconsin resident, as they could spell lengthy jail time as well as the loss of both one’s job and reputation.

Fortunately, those who are facing these types of charges in the Appleton courts have legal options. For instance, a person who is facing a drug-related matter may be able to qualify for participation in the local Drug and Alcohol Treatment Court. If a person participates and does what they are asked to do while part of the program, then the end result is usually a lot lighter punishment.

As a word of warning, though, not everyone is eligible for the program. For instance, someone who has been accused of a violent crime may be barred from participating at the outset.

Perhaps more importantly, whether a person may participate in the program is ultimately a matter for the people who administer the program to decide. For this reason, someone interested in the Treatment Court may want the help of an experienced Appleton-area criminal defense attorney in submitting their application.

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