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Appleton Wisconsin Criminal Law Blog

Got Labor Day plans? 3 reasons the social host ordinance isn’t as fun as it sounds.

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | August 29, 2016

It’s been a hectic few weeks, and the next few don’t promise to ease up their frenetic pace. In the chaos that is your life, Labor Day appears as an oasis of tranquility. You and your roommate decide to grill out with a few pals, hoist some brews and raise a toast to the new…
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What is an occupational license?

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | August 23, 2016

Among the things being convicted of drunk driving can impact for a person here in Wisconsin is their everyday transportation. This is because one of the typical penalties for OWI in the state is a license revocation. How long such a revocation would typically go depends on things like whether the convicted individual has previous…
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Magic trick study illustrates the fallibility of human perception

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | August 16, 2016

People generally assume that when they witness something, their perception of what happened is accurate. However, the human brain can sometimes be tricked. This capacity for the brain to get tricked is what stage magic takes advantage of. Magic tricks, as a recent study indicates, can sometimes even trick people into seeing things that aren’t…
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Why early representation is important when suspected of a crime

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | August 9, 2016

Sometimes, a fair amount of time passes between a person finding out that police are investigating them for a crime and authorities making the ultimate decision of whether to charge them or not. Now, in the time before a charging decision, there are all kinds of actions and steps authorities may be taking. It can…
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Alcohol-related charges in Wisconsin

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | August 4, 2016

Alcohol-related allegations are among the things that can result in individuals here in Wisconsin having charges brought against them. The charge type that might be on the top of most people’s minds when it comes to alcohol-related charges in the state are OWI charges for allegations of drunk driving. As we noted in a prior…
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Surcharges for Wisconsin drug crime convictions

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | August 3, 2016

The financial impacts a drug crime conviction has on a person can end up being quite large here in Wisconsin. One contributor to this is surcharges. Many are aware that being convicted of a drug offense can result in a person facing, among other things, a fine. However, a fine is not the only sort…
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