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September 2016 Archives

Company makes patch that tells people if they are drunk

Residents of Wisconsin are likely aware of how deadly drinking and driving can be. In some cases, a potential driver can get intoxicated after only a few drinks at a bar. That's why a company in New Mexico has invented an innovative new patch that can help people determine whether or not they are safe to drive.

New test may help detect THC in drivers

Wisconsin individuals may want to know that a new tool created by Stanford University researchers may be able to detect THC levels of drivers in as little as three minutes. The device would help officers determine if a person is impaired from marijuana as well as the level of concentration present in an individual.

How one bar fight can change your life

Okay, the game last night got a bit rowdy or maybe your buddy ran into that old college rival and things got out of hand. Now what? If an altercation occurred, Wisconsin will treat it as a battery claim. There are three levels of battery between two adults who are not related to each other: (1) battery; (2) substantial battery; and, (3) aggravated battery. Domestic abuse is treated in much the same way but imposes special surcharges.

Man charged with OWI in Wisconsin crash

A 30-year-old man was taken into custody and charged with an OWI after being involved in a crash that took place at about 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 1 in Sheboygan. The accident occurred at North 14th Street and Erie Avenue. According to authorities, the man was heading south on 14th Street when he hit a traffic light at 14th and Erie Avenue.

How plea bargains impact defendants

A plea bargain may be offered in a case to avoid Wisconsin courts from being too crowded and prosecutors to focus on the important cases. It also allows defendants to save time and money defending themselves. There are three main types of plea bargains commonly offered to defendants. Charge bargaining occurs when a defendant agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a more serious charge being dropped. For instance, an individual may enter a guilty plea on a manslaughter charge to avoid a possible conviction for murder.

Study shows parents can help prevent underage drinking

Many Wisconsin parents may be worried that their teenagers may decide to drink and drive. However, according to research headed by a professor at the Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina, parents can prevent their teens from drinking by setting clear rules.

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