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Appleton Wisconsin Criminal Law Blog

Man faces multiple drug charges following investigation

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 30, 2017

A Wisconsin man is facing multiple drug-related charges in connection with a “buy-bust” operation that took place in Racine on March 20. According to media sources, law enforcement officials were assisted in the effort by a local resident. This informant, who had previously seen a friend overdose, asked the 21-year-old man to deliver a controlled…
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Is drug court a good option for me?

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 28, 2017

For those facing drug charges in Wisconsin, drug courts can offer an alternative to dealing with the traditional criminal court system. Whether drug court is a good choice for a particular defendant can depend on many things, including previous history, type of offense and potential consequences. The purpose of drug court The idea of drug…
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Drug-related charges for radio personality Artie Lange

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 24, 2017

Wisconsin residents who were “Howard Stern Show” listeners may have heard that a former regular personality on the show, Artie Lange, was taken into custody on March 12 on drug charges. Lange tweeted about the incident after it occurred. A spokesperson said that police went to Lange’s residence after they received a report about a…
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The risk of DUI on St. Patrick’s Day

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 16, 2017

Wisconsin residents are likely aware that St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday this year. Research indicates that this may result in more binge drinking and drunk driving. According to Alcohol Monitoring Systems, there will be a 17 percent jump nationwide in the number of repeat drunk drivers who violate orders to remain sober. Furthermore,…
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Study shows black Americans face wrongful convictions

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 10, 2017

Wisconsin residents may be interested to learn that, according to a study, African-Americans are statistically more likely to be wrongfully convicted than Anglos of violent crimes and drug-related offenses. It appeared that factors potentially included official misconduct and racial bias. The study analyzed the cases of 1,900 defendants who were ultimately convicted of the crimes…
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Taking a plea bargain

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 6, 2017

A defendant in a criminal case can face many confusing situations as the case goes on. One of these is the plea bargain. At some point in the case, the prosecutor may put an offer on the table. If the defendant agrees to take the offer, there will be no trial. In exchange, prosecutors typically…
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Blood can be taken from unconscious drivers

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 2, 2017

On March 1, it was reported that the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that police are legally allowed to take blood samples without a warrant from drivers who are found to be unconscious. However, there are only certain circumstances where this can be done. Blood samples are only allowed to be taken without a warrant or…
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