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Appleton Wisconsin Criminal Law Blog

All about ignition interlock devices

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | November 22, 2019

In Wisconsin, driving while under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicating substance is operating while intoxicated. According to this state’s laws, ignition interlock devices are part of the penalty for drivers in certain situations involving OWIs. In these situations, judges do not have the discretion to decide whether or not a person may install…
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Juvenile delinquency: risk factors and protective factors

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | November 21, 2019

As a parent, you may wonder whether your child is at risk for delinquency and whether there is anything you can do to prevent such difficulties. There are a number of risk factors that may come into play at different points in your child’s development and make him or her more likely to engage in…
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How can a drug charge affect my personal and college life?

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | November 7, 2019

College teaches some students independence and how to function on their own. For others, college is a time to act out and challenge the system. For you, your college career brings you closer to your dream job and the life you have always wanted. But as with some students, you find yourself in a situation…
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