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Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is often experienced by those who live in Appleton, Wisconsin, and other areas of the country as a physical altercation between spouses or two people who are living together. In reality, this is only one form of domestic violence that is in existence. The violence also could include physical abuse, emotional or sexual abuse and even financial abuse. Most of the time, this violence takes place between two people who are either married or in a similar relationship. However, it also could involve children and parents, friends who live together or other family members who live in the same home.

How domestic violence is prosecuted in Wisconsin

While there is no specific law against domestic violence in Wisconsin, a collection of other laws relating to assault or battery may be used to prosecute it. Domestic violence differs from other forms of assault or battery because of the relationship between the victim and the abuser. In domestic abuse cases, the victim and abuser are related or may have a romantic relationship.

Defining domestic abuse in Wisconsin

Domestic abuse is a term that is used broadly to identify violence between spouses and children, but there are more specific terms used under the law. While allegations of domestic abuse should always be taken seriously, there are always two sides to every story, and no individual should be considered guilty before he or she has a chance to tell his or her side.

What happens to children after domestic violence

When it comes to domestic violence, there are certain factors that are not widely understood. The patterns of abuse will vary depending on the person, and each case can be very different. The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families states that people of all ages, races, genders and education levels can be affected. The marital status does not matter, and violence can even happen between couples who are simply dating. Abuse occurs in same-sex relationships just as it does in opposite-sex couples, and it can happen in homes of any economic or social background. In addition to these points, there is also often a misunderstanding about what will happen to children in abusive situations.

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