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You May Not Be Aware Of This Domestic Violence Conviction Consequence

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | April 29, 2021

If you are convicted of a crime of domestic violence, then your firearm privileges will be revoked. This is asserted under federal law. Congress has stated that “anyone who attempts or threatens violence against a loved one has demonstrated that he or she poses an unacceptable risk and should be prohibited from possessing firearms.” Several…
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Is Verbal Abuse Considered Domestic Violence in Wisconsin?

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | April 22, 2021

Verbal and emotional abuse is more common than physical violence, and is often present in domestic and intimate relationships. While a certain amount of bickering is normal in any relationship, it can easily cross the line into abuse. So, what is verbal abuse and is it considered to be domestic violence in Wisconsin? What is…
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Standing Up to the Justice System

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | April 21, 2021

The murder of George Floyd led to the most widespread demonstrations against systemic racism and police abuse that have been seen in a quarter of a century. However, incidents of systemic racism in the state of Minnesota do not end at this tragic incident. Minnesota has failed to combat reports of police abuse for numerous…
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Ignition Interlock Devices in Wisconsin

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | April 7, 2021

According to Wisconsin Act 100, an ignition interlock device is required for “all repeat OWI offenders, all first time OWI offenders with an alcohol concentration of 0.15 percent or higher” and “all drivers who refuse to provide a breath or blood sample for a chemical test at a traffic stop”. In the event of a…
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Statistics about the Widespread Opioid Use in the United States

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 23, 2021

According to experts, a serious opioid epidemic exists in the United States. In 2019, approximately 10.1 million Americans “aged 12 and older misused opioids” There were 67,367 overdose deaths in the United States in 2018 In 2016 and 2017, “more than 130 people died every day from opioid-related drug overdoses” If you face charges of…
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72-Hour No Contact Requirement in Domestic Abuse Cases

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 18, 2021

After a defendant is arrested for a domestic abuse offense, according to the Wisconsin Statutes, a 72 hour no-contact requirement is imposed. This means that the defendant is not allowed to contact the victim, or go to the victim’s residence for 72 hours. This can cause significant issues, as in many cases, the victim’s residence…
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Understanding Wisconsin Felony Procedures Essential For The Most Effective Defense

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC |

Wisconsin felony charges are very serious and an investigation will begin against you just as soon as a crime has been reported. If you have been accused of a felony, your case will travel down a specific and organized path, created to streamline investigation procedures and simplify the trial process as much as possible. This…
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Possession of Child Pornography in Wisconsin

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 10, 2021

According to the Wisconsin Statutes, in order to be penalized for possession of child pornography, the following circumstances must be present: You are aware that you possessed the material You are aware, or should reasonably be aware, that the material “contains depictions of sexually explicit conduct” You are aware, or should reasonably be aware, that…
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Reintroduction of Police Reform Bill

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | March 3, 2021

The bill titled the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act has been reintroduced to Congress, after failing to pass in the Senate last year. The bill touches on facets of police reform such as getting rid of qualified immunity, addressing racial profiling and abolishing no-knock warrants in federal drug cases. The proposed legislation would also…
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Alternatives to Incarceration Are Still No Bargain

On behalf of J. Kippa Law, LLC | February 24, 2021

You are able to serve your prison sentence outside of jail if a circuit court judge places you on probation, parole or extended supervision. This is an outcome that is highly preferable to incarceration. However, in the cases of probation, parole or extended supervision, there are numerous guidelines you must adhere to. The State of…
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