Can an Attorney Defend You Against Child Enticement Charges in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s child enticement law applies to more than just engaging or intending to engage in sexual acts with a minor. You could also face a charge for allegedly causing a child mental harm, giving a child a controlled substance, or intending to do either one of these. These charges are serious and require the help of an expert Wisconsin criminal defense attorney who can fight for you in court.

What the State Must Prove

Though the law states that intent is enough to prove guilt, the prosecutors still must prove intent. They must demonstrate that you planned to:

  • Lure a minor into a secluded area, building or vehicle
  • Engage in sexual acts with a minor, such as intercourse, sexual organ exposure, prostitution or filming sexual acts performed by a minor
  • Cause a child mental harm
  • Give a child a drug

Child enticement is often charged along with charges of sexual assault of a minor. Securing a criminal defense attorney who has experience with winning these cases can help you avoid the associated severe penalties.

What the Penalties Are

If you are convicted of child enticement in Wisconsin, you face penalties that could drastically alter your future, impacting every area of your life. Child enticement is considered a Class D felony, which carries with it penalties of up to $100,000, up to 25 years in prison, and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

What the Best Defense Entails

A Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer who understands child enticement laws can help you fight these charges in court. Defending these charges often involves:

  • Discrediting witness accounts and testimonies
  • Arguing that you were entrapped
  • Establishing that you had no intent of committing child enticement acts

In order to successfully beat child enticement charges, it is necessary to have experience behind you each step of the way.

Where To Find Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorneys

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