Can Social Media Impact Your Pending Domestic Violence Case?


Scrolling, commenting, liking, posting, snapping…these are all routinely utilized actions and vocabulary that have insinuated themselves into our daily routines. Despite the fact that social media has been a dominant part of people’s daily routines for years, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the amount of time many spend on social media.

Aside from the consistent entertainment social media promises, there are numerous drawbacks of its utilization. One such drawback is the negative impacts your social media content could have on your domestic violence case. These cases are not taken lightly by law enforcement. You should avoid the scenario of your social media profiles contributing to evidence that may be used against you in court.

“Private Mode” Proves Not So Private

You may assume that since your profile is set to private mode, your social media will not be able to impact your case. However, when a domestic violence case is involved, your “private” profile becomes not so private. Social media platforms are more than willing to work with law enforcement if it is believed they can aid in a criminal case. Often, this can be done without the need of obtaining a search warrant. Your “private” posts could very well contribute to a conviction.

Ways your social media profiles and posts may be used against you in court include:

  • Displaying newfound evidence
  • Connecting missing pieces of the case
  • Identifying new victims, suspects or witnesses
  • Confirming or refuting your alibi
  • Validating statements of the victim

It becomes clear that no matter what the contents of your social media profiles entail, your posts, comments, locations or any other digital actions can adversely impact your chances of successfully fighting your charges. Due to this fact, it is highly advised you stray away from social media use, until your pending case is resolved.

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