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Have you heard the latest on the Biden administration taking the necessary steps to pardon thousands of Americans convicted of simple marijuana possession under federal law? Click here to learn all about it.

Sadly, there are so many myths out there regarding drug use. A very common one is, “People dependent on drugs made a wrong choice.” Follow the link below to read about how that is a false statement and to find out more about common drug use myths.

In an attempt to crack down on illegal substances, the Forest County Sherriff’s Office led a massive interdiction. This resulted in a total of 107 traffic stops across 8 hours. Follow the link to find out the statistics on the stops… it is shocking!

Wisconsin is one of the states where legalization of recreational marijuana is being pursued by lawmakers in 2022. Until it is legalized – if it is legalized at all – it is important to realize that marijuana offenses can result in time behind bars, expensive fines, and a damaging criminal record.

Lots of states could legalize cannabis & psychedelics in 2022 (Newsletter: January 14, 2022)

What is a Wisconsin possession with intent to distribute charge?

This drug charge arises if law enforcement asserts you intended to sell drugs that were in your possession. Penalties of a conviction vary, according to the details of your unique case. However, typical penalties may include time in prison, and heavy fines. These penalties are on top of the detrimental occurrence of the initiation of a criminal record. It is important to obtain experienced defense in the face of Wisconsin drug charges, in order to avoid the consequences of conviction.

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It is vital to secure experienced representation as early in the process as possible. The firm has represented adults and juveniles facing criminal charges involving drug crimes, DUI/OWI, sexual assault, domestic abuse and other criminal matters. These types of criminal charges require a seasoned criminal defense team who understands the complexity of criminal cases and the importance of working proactively with prosecutors to find the best outcome for clients.

If you are charged with possession of meth in Wisconsin, you are facing a Class I felony. Penalties for first-time meth possession may include time in jail, heavy fines and loss of your license.

Law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judges take drug charges very seriously. Due to the complex nature of drug cases, it is vital to work with an attorney right away to protect your rights.

Even clients who have not been formally charged with a drug crime can benefit from talking to a defense attorney, because the consequences of waiting could result in a drug conviction, criminal record and loss of future employment opportunities.

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