Child injured, woman killed in motorcycle drunk driving crash

In Appleton and across Wisconsin, it is important to remember that drunk driving charges are not limited to driving a car or a truck. Motorcyclists can also face drunk driving charges. Motorcyclists are just as susceptible to an arrest for operating while intoxicated as anyone else. The charges and the penalties for a conviction can be significant. This is especially true when there is a felony drunk driving charge. The penalties will be the same regardless of the type of vehicle the person was driving and it is imperative to lodge a strong defense after an arrest.

An accident between a motorcycle and a bicycle led to the death of a passenger on the motorcycle and severe injuries to the child riding the bicycle. The man who was operating the motorcycle was arrested on multiple charges. The crash occurred at an intersection. The bicycle rider, a 13-year-old boy, was found some distance away from the crash site. The passenger on the motorcycle, a 53-year-old woman, was thrown around 40 feet from the motorcycle and died. The boy was flown to the hospital where he was put in a medically-induced coma. The man operating the motorcycle had cuts to his face, but was walking in the aftermath.

The operator admitted that he was coming from a bar at the time of the accident, but said he had not been drinking. He stated that he had two beers at the woman’s home. His license had been revoked after three prior convictions for OWI. There was a restriction to 0.02 percent of alcohol he could legally have in his system when driving. His blood-alcohol concentration was found to be 2.5 times the legal limit. He faces a slew of charges related to this accident and previous restrictions.

Anyone who is charged with operating under the influence must mount a vigorous defense of the charges. A conviction can result in jail time, fines, lost driving privileges and much more. When there was a crash with a fatality and injuries, it becomes even more vital for the person to be represented by a law firm that understands all the issues related to felony drunk driving and can be of help with crafting a defense. Before doing anything else, the person who was arrested should call a lawyer for help with the drunk driving defense.

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