College student accused of resisting arrest

An 18-year-old student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison faces multiple criminal charges after what may have been connected to a Saturday night of partying.

Police in charge of enforcing the laws on the University’s campus say that an officer was sent to a dormitory on reports that someone was urinating in the common area. At some point, the officer determined that the young man, who was not of legal drinking age, had a blood alcohol content of .20, well over the .08 in which one is legally drunk in Wisconsin.

Upon being placed under arrest, the officer said that the young man hit the officer’s face and generally became hostile. The officer was planning to fire his Taser, but additional officers arrived and subdued the young man.

The young man now faces a criminal charge for battery and an aggravated resisting arrest charge since the officer allegedly got hurt in the fight. He was issued citations for underage drinking, having a fake ID and urinating in public.

This young man is obviously facing some significant criminal charges which could land him in jail. He also may face fines and other penalties, including the possibility of a license suspension. Given the nature of the incident, he may face the University’s disciplinary process as well, and the end result could be that his educational goals get hampered or even sidetracked.

This story is an example of how young people in Wisconsin can easily find themselves in legal trouble after what many could see as a common error in judgment. Young people in the Appleton area who face similar situations to this student will likely want to speak with a criminal defense attorney in order to help keep their lives on track after facing criminal charges.

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