Company makes patch that tells people if they are drunk

Residents of Wisconsin are likely aware of how deadly drinking and driving can be. In some cases, a potential driver can get intoxicated after only a few drinks at a bar. That’s why a company in New Mexico has invented an innovative new patch that can help people determine whether or not they are safe to drive.

The company, DermaTec, has reportedly developed a patch that can measure alcohol levels in the wearer’s sweat. The patch, which is called the ONUSBlue, changes color when the person is no longer safe to drive. This can alert people of the need to find other ways home.

The message from the company is that having a good time is fine, but people need to be responsible when they drink. It is common for people to misjudge their levels of intoxication. If the patch becomes widely available, people might be able to quickly check their arms to see if they should call a taxi or ride-share service rather than drive home themselves.

A person who is charged with drunk driving may face severe penalties. He or she might want to get help from a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in defending against DUI or OWI allegations. An attorney might assess the evidence in order to determine if the police conducted the stop in a constitutional manner. The lawyer may also analyze the testing that was performed and whether or not it was performed correctly. If errors were made, the attorney might challenge the admissibility of the evidence.

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