Could playing Pokémon Go lead to criminal charges?

This month, a new craze has been sweeping the nation: Pokémon Go. Lots of people here in Wisconsin and throughout the U.S. are playing this new app and are going to all sorts of places in the neighborhoods, towns and cities where they live in search of Pokémon to catch.

Now, it is very important for Pokémon Go players to be careful about what places their hunt for Pokémon takes them. Going certain places could open the door to a person facing some very serious potential real-world consequences, including the possibility of criminal charges.

For example, if a person is accused of having gone onto the property of another without permission in order to look for or catch Pokémon on the Pokémon Go app, they could face trespassing charges.

There have already been reports of some Pokémon Go players facing criminal charges as result of actions they allegedly took in connection to the game, such as reports of a pair of individuals in Ohio having criminal trespassing charges brought against them in connection to allegations of having trespassed at a zoo for Pokémon Go-related reasons.

Under Wisconsin law, there are a variety of consequences being accused of trespassing could lead to a person facing. Being found to have committed trespassing could subject a person to a forfeiture. Also, certain types of trespass allegations could lead to a person having misdemeanor (or even felony) charges brought against them, which could expose a person to a range of penalties (including fines and jail time) if they are ultimately convicted.

When a person is facing trespass allegations here in Wisconsin, whatever the nature of and the circumstances surrounding the allegations, it can be important for them to have skilled defense representation during the course of their case. Such representation can help a person accused of trespassing with protecting their rights and having an understanding of the options they have regarding their case.

Source: Bankrate, “Sneaky ways Pokémon Go could cost you,” Sarah Berger, July 20, 2016

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