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A Path Forward.

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A Message to Our Clients

To Our Valued Clients,

These are certainly trying times that we all find ourselves in and that feeling can be greatly exacerbated if you find yourself charged with a crime. While in person, social interactions seem very limited for the immediate future and therefore, court appearances have been pushed out, that does not mean that the stress or fear subsides. What helps the stress and fear is getting answers to the questions that are circling in ones head while dealing with criminal allegations.  The only way to start seeing the path forward, regardless of when hearings are scheduled, is to find competent legal counsel.

The attorneys at J. Kippa Law can start answering all of those questions and start working on a defense for you. While there may be months of time before a scheduled hearing, that is time we often wish we had once a case is up and running. It is imperative to use this time wisely. Whether that entails taking statements from witnesses or getting the ball rolling on counseling – do not squander this time, use it to your advantage. Feel free to call the office.  While we may not be physically present in the office, we are available. Let’s talk – there is no obligation to hire and we are always happy to provide some advice. If you decide to hire the firm, we can handle that too and then start you moving down a path towards answers.


The Defense team at J. Kippa Law, LLC


    Disclaimer : The information you provide on the intake form is not confidential and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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