Criminal defense

Personalized Attention For Your Criminal Charges

Attorney Jeffrey Kippa and team understand the fears individuals may have after being arrested or charged with a crime. At J. Kippa Law, LLC, you will work directly with experienced criminal defense attorneys throughout your case. They will thoroughly review all evidence and reports of your incident.

Their approach is to get to know their clients by learning about their side of the story and what happened leading up to their arrest. They genuinely care about their clients’ futures by getting to know who they are, not just what charges they are facing. Since it is a small law firm, you will always know who you will be working with — and that you have a dedicated lawyer by your side.

Criminal Charges Can Result In Serious Consequences

Being charged with a criminal offense or ordinance violation can wreak havoc on a person’s life. Jeffrey Kippa and his team have years of experience handling a wide variety of criminal cases. They have defended clients against the following charges:

Jeffrey Kippa’s criminal defense team also has experience with expungement and ordinance violations. They know what options are available to get charges dismissed. They also know when to discuss a plea bargain and when it is best to go to trial.

The law firm has extensive experience helping clients in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh and throughout Wisconsin, and they are dedicated to finding the best outcome for their clients.

At J. Kippa Law, LLC, you want representation as early as possible. You will work directly with criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Kippa and his team throughout your case. Call 920-733-1100 or contact the law firm online to discuss your situation.