Protecting Your Future In College

Criminal charges can damage a person’s reputation and future in many ways. Jeffrey Kippa of J. Kippa Law, LLC, knows how harsh the law can be for those convicted of criminal offenses.

Don’t Let One Bad Decision Impact The Rest Of Your Life

Many college students may not realize how a seemingly minor arrest can affect their future. Convictions show up on a person’s criminal record, which potential employers will see. In addition to impacting future employment opportunities, criminal offenses can affect financial aid eligibility. Financial aid is essential for many college students; no longer being eligible to receive financial assistance could mean dropping out of college.

Jeffrey Kippa has experience representing college students facing the following charges:

  • Assault and battery stemming from bar fights or other incidents
  • Sexual assault, including accusations of date rape
  • Drug possession and possession with the intent to sell
  • Property theft and vandalism

He has extensive knowledge of the criminal court system and knows how to negotiate with prosecutors to find the best possible outcome for his clients.

College Students Need A Knowledgeable Attorney

Jeffrey Kippa understands the fears college students may have after being arrested. He knows what steps to take to protect his clients’ rights and to see what options are available to reduce or dismiss the charges.

Located in Appleton, attorney Jeffrey Kippa has represented college students from Lawrence University and other surrounding colleges in Wisconsin. Due to the damage criminal charges can cause, it is vital to speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Call J. Kippa Law, LLC, at 920-944-3352 or contact the law firm online.