Helping Your Child Fight Juvenile Charges

Crimes committed by teens under the age of 18 may not seem like a big deal, but criminal charges could result in serious consequences that could impact the rest of a teen’s life. In fact, 17-year-olds in Wisconsin are no longer considered juveniles under the law, and they may be charged as adults.

Juvenile Offenses Need A Caring Attorney

Juvenile criminal cases can be complicated. Attorney Jeffrey Kippa of J. Kippa Law, LLC, understands how detrimental criminal charges can be at this age as young adults head for college. He has years of experience representing juveniles in the criminal court system and knows how much of a burden it can be on the entire family.

Jeffrey Kippa is an experienced juvenile crimes lawyer and has represented teens charged with the following types of offenses:

  • Drug crimes, including possession and distribution
  • Sex crimes, including sexual assault
  • Property crimes and ordinance violations
  • Drunk driving charges, including OWI

Many cases result in juvenile probation or supervision, but teens need an attorney by their side who knows how to handle these charges properly. Jeffrey Kippa understands the different options available to protect his clients’ futures and what programs will help put his clients on a brighter path.

Focus On The Future

Jeffrey Kippa’s law firm has extensive experience with juvenile criminal cases. He can help his clients avoid formalized court proceedings by working with prosecutors to find a plea deal or arrangement that allows his clients to enter a program instead of a juvenile detention facility. Jeffrey Kippa genuinely cares about his clients’ futures and is dedicated to finding the best solution for each of his clients.

Contact An Attorney For A Free Initial Consultation

J. Kippa Law, LLC, in Appleton, Wisconsin, represents juveniles facing criminal charges and ordinance violations. To learn how attorney Jeffrey Kippa can help, call him at 920-944-3352 or contact him online.