Know Your Options When Facing Domestic Abuse Charges

Domestic abuse charges can stem from several scenarios. Misunderstandings, a night of drinking and other issues can lead to severe charges that impact the rest of a person’s life.

Attorney Jeffrey Kippa and team at J. Kippa Law, LLC, understand the serious implications of domestic abuse. As criminal defense attorneys in Appleton, they are dedicated to helping their clients every step of the way and know what options may be available to get criminal charges dismissed or reduced.

Domestic Assault Charges Require An Experienced Attorney

Domestic abuse incidents can result in criminal charges that carry harsh penalties. Charges stemming from domestic violence can also harm your reputation and future, including losing job opportunities and firearm privileges.

If you are charged with assault, battery or a similar charge relating to domestic abuse, you need a lawyer who will put ego aside and make the best decision for you. Jeffrey Kippa and team understand the fear you may have during this situation. They will work diligently to find the best possible outcome for you to protect your rights and future.

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At J. Kippa Law, LLC, you will work directly with Jeffrey Kippa and his team of award winning criminal defense attorneys. They get to know their clients and look out for their best interests. This includes considering plea deals to get the charges reduced or finding a suitable alternative to mitigate the consequences.

Jeffrey Kippa’s team know how serious domestic violence charges can be. From Green Bay to Oshkosh, they represent clients throughout Wisconsin. Call the law firm at 920-733-1100 or contact him online.

At J. Kippa Law, LLC, you want representation as early as possible. You will work directly with criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Kippa and his team throughout your case. Call 920-733-1100 or contact the law firm online to discuss your situation.