Drug issues still plaguing Outgamie, greater Lake Winnebago area

In spite of local, state and federal authorities increasing their efforts in recent years, drug abuse, possession, trafficking and use cases involving opiates, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana are still plaguing the greater Lake Winnebago area of our state. A spate of recent high-profile arrests (particularly those involving an Oshkosh man accused of manufacturing meth in a local hotel room and a different Oshkosh man facing charges relating to 75 pounds of marijuana housed in an RV at a Winnebago County storage facility) has put the issue of Wisconsin drug crimes in the public eye once again.

The heightened attention puts more pressure on law enforcement to address the issue of drug use and abuse in the state, which could translate into more arrests and higher potential penalties for those caught with any type of drugs.

High-profile arrests mean higher stakes for those facing similar charges

Oftentimes in situations like this, where egregious cases receive high levels of media attention, police and prosecutors feel the need to “make an example” of people to prove their commitment to the cause, which could mean that plea bargains are less likely, as are pre-trial diversionary programs, probation and going to treatment in lieu of jail time. This doesn’t mean that such alternatives are out of reach, just that the argument for them will need to be very compelling.

If you are facing drug-related criminal charges, you need to mount a vigorous defense in order to minimize the consequences you could face if convicted. Statistically speaking, proceeding through a criminal matter with the help of an experienced defense attorney gives you the best chance at a successful outcome.

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