Drug Charges in Wisconsin

Drug charges in Appleton, WI, can result in grave consequences. Possession or distribution of illegal substances can result in both state and federal charges, and individuals should have a drug crime lawyer who understands what options are available to protect their future.

Attorney Jeffrey Kippa’s defense team at J. Kippa Law, LLC, understands the complex nature of drug crimes in Wisconsin, and knows what steps to take to find the best outcome for you or your loved one. 

A drug offense lawyer should have extensive experience working with prosecutors, so they know what potential concerns need to be addressed to best represent your interest.

Drug Cases Require Proactive Defense

It is essential to work with an experienced drug crimes lawyer in Wisconsin, as soon as possible, since drug charges may stem from unlawful search and seizures or other violations. Jeffrey Kippa’s team carefully examines each case and looks at all potential options available to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

They focus on helping their clients overcome their drug addictions by advocating for treatment instead of prison. The law firm’s goal is not only to protect clients’ rights, but also to help clients overcome obstacles like substance abuse so they have more opportunities to be successful.

His law firm has experience handling simple to complex drug crimes, including:

  • Drug possession in Wisconsin, involving marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, prescription medications, and other illegal substances
  • Drug distribution with the intent to sell
  • Trafficking drugs into the state

Law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judges take drug charges very seriously. Due to the complex nature of drug cases, it is vital to work with an attorney right away to protect your rights.

Even clients who have not been formally charged with a drug crime can benefit from talking to a defense attorney, because the consequences of waiting could result in a drug conviction, criminal record and loss of future employment opportunities.

Contact An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Located in Appleton, Jeffrey Kippa and his criminal defense team represent clients in Green Bay and Oshkosh and throughout Wisconsin. 

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