Wisconsin Drug Crimes | Questions And Answers

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Does My Drug Crime Conviction Affect My College Financial Aid?

Yes. Most drug-related convictions will disqualify you for financial aid or stop any financial aid you are already receiving. This can close the door for many college students.

Will An Employer Discover My Drug Crime?

If your drug crimes have not been sealed or expunged, most employer background checks will find them. Depending on the employer’s policy on misdemeanor and felony crimes, your charges can cost you the job. If asked in an interview or on an application, you must disclose your criminal record.

What Is A Prescription Drug Monitoring Program?

Programs are in place to help with the growing prescription drug abuse epidemic in Wisconsin. This can include health professionals carefully reviewing your medical records to look for signs of prescription drug abuse.

What Is The “Len Bias” Law?

This law was put in place in the 1980s to convict drug dealers of reckless homicide. If you provide drugs to someone who dies from a drug overdose, you can be charged with reckless homicide and face severe penalties.

Can I Have Marijuana For In-Home, Personal Use?

This is still illegal in Wisconsin. The laws are changing every year in many states as they decriminalize marijuana use, but Wisconsin is not there yet.

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