Have You Been Charged With Drug Trafficking? There Is Help For You.

State and federal prosecutors take drug distribution cases seriously. At J. Kippa Law, LLC, attorney Jeffrey Kippa’s criminal defense team know how to handle drug trafficking cases and what options are available to dismiss or reduce charges and penalties.

Felony Charges Carry Harsh Penalties

Drug charges can significantly impact a person’s life, especially if they are felony charges for drug delivery or possession with the intent to deliver. Jeffrey Kippa and team have experience with drug cases and know what prosecutors and judges are thinking. Their knowledge of the process allow them to find the best outcome possible for their clients, which may include taking a plea deal that involves going to a treatment facility

Advocates For Treatment, Compassion In Many Cases

Jeffrey Kippa’s criminal defense team genuinely care about their clients. They not only review their cases in great detail, but they always looks at the bigger picture to help their clients overcome their struggles with addiction or other bad habits.

Drug trafficking charges require a lawyer who knows what’s at stake. Jeffrey Kippa and team are dedicated to their clients and handle every aspect of their cases. At the law office, clients work directly with Jeffrey Kippa and the award winning defense team, and there are never any surprises about who will be representing them in court.

A Skilled Defense Attorney Can Help

The courts take drug distribution offenses seriously. Jeffrey Kippa’s criminal defense team have experience representing individuals facing drug trafficking charges in Appleton and throughout Wisconsin. Call them at 920-733-1100 for a free initial consultation or contact them online.

At J. Kippa Law, LLC, you want representation as early as possible. You will work directly with criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Kippa and his team throughout your case. Call 920-733-1100 or contact the law firm online to discuss your situation.