Drug-related charges for radio personality Artie Lange

Wisconsin residents who were “Howard Stern Show” listeners may have heard that a former regular personality on the show, Artie Lange, was taken into custody on March 12 on drug charges. Lange tweeted about the incident after it occurred.

A spokesperson said that police went to Lange’s residence after they received a report about a car being entered. When police arrived at the Hoboken, New Jersey, residence in the vicinity of 14th Street and Shipyard Lane, they found that Lange was the man entering his car. The car was parked in his garage, and he confirmed that it was his vehicle.

An officer at the scene allegedly saw what appeared to be heroin and cocaine in the car. After searching Lange, the officer also found what were believed to be heroin and cocaine on his person. In the past, Lange has discussed his problems with addiction.

A person might face drug charges in a variety of circumstances. For example, it might be after a traffic stop, following a tip or as part of a search. Drug charges may lead to serious penalties or affect an individual’s career. However, if any aspect of the search and seizure was conducted in an illegal manner, it might be possible to have the charges dismissed. In other cases, the drugs may not belong to the person detained, or the substances might be legal ones. People might also be offered a plea bargain in which they plead guilty without going to trial. This may result in fewer penalties. People who are charged with drug possession or other drug-related crimes may want to discuss their options with an attorney.

Source: Radar Online, “Drug Bust! Artie Lange Arrested For Heroin & Cocaine Possession“, Alexis Tereszcuk, March 17, 2017



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