Drunk driving charges can mean serious penalties

Drunk driving charges in Wisconsin are extremely serious. Individuals accused of drunk driving face serious potential penalties and consequences. During 2015, there were approximately 24,000 convictions for drunk driving-related offenses in Wisconsin.

Drunk driving charges can have a lifelong impact on an individual who has been accused of driving while impaired. Being arrested for drunk driving in Wisconsin can lead to potential incarceration, fines and a loss of the accused individual’s driver’s license. In addition, when an individual accused of driving under the influence refuses a breathalyzer test, they can face the requirement that they turn over their license immediately and for at least a year and may face other penalties as well.

Penalties for multiple drunk driving offenses increase, as do the consequences associated with more serious drunk driving-related crimes. Drunk driving charges can remain on the accused individual’s record and may result in personal and professional challenges related to employment and other concerns as well. To respond to drunk driving charges, it is important to be familiar with criminal defense protections and rights and to understand that there are different options available to challenge drunk driving charges.

Drunk driving charges may be challenged based on a variety of considerations including tests conducted by police, procedures followed by police, if police failed to follow required procedures and other considerations as well. Because drunk driving charges can have a profound impact on the daily lives of accused individuals, it is important to understand their criminal defense rights and options and how to challenge the charges they are facing.

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