Dui owi

DUI/OWI Charges Carry Serious Penalties

Drunk driving arrests can lead to serious consequences for drivers in Wisconsin. First-time offenses can still result in criminal charges in some cases. Even if the OWI offense is not considered criminal, offenders can face harsh penalties, including license revocation and hefty fines.

Attorney Jeffrey Kippa and team of J. Kippa Law, LLC, understands how seriously the law takes OWI charges. An OWI offense would show up on a person’s record even if it is a first-time offense. Having a drunk driving citation or charge on your record can significantly impact your future. Employers and other organizations have access to these files, and a charge may harm a person’s future employment opportunities.

Drunk Driving Charges Need A Qualified Attorney

First-offense OWI charges can carry harsh penalties. If the OWI charge is a criminal offense, it may require a mandatory jail sentence. Every case is unique, and many factors can play a role in the consequences individuals face.

Attorney Jeffrey Kippa and his criminal defense team have years of experience representing people charged with OWI. They know what options are available to get the charges reduced or how to minimize the penalties. In some cases, defendants may be able to serve their sentences at home with a monitor or work out a different arrangement that still allows them to go to work and even continue driving.

J. Kippa Law, LLC, Can Help

Jeffrey Kippa’s defense team have extensive knowledge working with judges, prosecutors and the Department of Transportation (DOT) on OWI cases. They always focus on finding the best possible outcome for their clients and know that each case is unique and require an OWI lawyer who understands what’s at stake.

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