How to handle an OWI charge

If you are facing an OWI charge in the Green Bay area, you may be wondering what your next steps are. The mere thought of serving jail time may have you feeling stressed and struggling to sleep at night. You are probably also concerned about how an OWI/DUI charge will affect your job and what your friends and family think of you. 

You must not let your emotions overwhelm you to the point of inaction. You must stay on top of important deadlines and prepare to make some critical decisions. Mistakes and missing those deadlines can have a big impact on your circumstances and quite possibly lead to stiffer penalties. 

Watch what you say about your case 

Your feelings and the stress of your situation might lead you to talk to your friends and relatives about your circumstances. Be careful about what you say. Refrain from sharing details about the events that led up to your arrest. It is okay to discuss your feelings; however, any statements regarding guilt and responsibility regarding your charges are off limits. 

Be open and honest with your attorney 

If you must speak to someone about details in your case, talk to your attorney. He or she is there to represent you. You may feel ashamed and too embarrassed to be completely honest with her or him. Keep in mind everything you say to an attorney comes with the right of privilege. The more information you provide, the more details the attorney can use to build a solid defense. 

Get professional help 

If this is not your first time facing charges for an OWI, you might want to get treatment. Enroll in a substance abuse treatment program and get counseling so you can overcome addiction. Bear in mind the courts might require you to get counseling and treatment. However, being proactive and enrolling in them on your own before sentencing can have a positive impact on your case’s outcome. 

OWI charges are serious and can be difficult for you to manage on your own. Consider the potential impact a conviction can have on your life. Stay calm, rational and take measures to minimize them.

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