Man faces criminal charges after crashing into police car

When a traffic stop is initiated by law enforcement in Appleton or anywhere in Wisconsin, it can be an intimidating time with the driver feeling apprehensive about what will happen. In some cases, the driver faces allegations that he or she fled the scene. This can lead to a litany of other problems with accompanying penalties if there is a conviction. For people who are caught up in this type of criminal accusation, a law firm that is experienced in providing a defense is critical.

Law enforcement asserts that a driver was behaving suspiciously when they attempted to stop the vehicle at around 10:25 p.m. The vehicle was said to be on the sidewalk and moving at 35 mph. As they tried to stop the car, the driver, a 25-year-old man, subsequently tried to flee. It sped off with police in pursuit. It jumped the curb, went into a yard and crashed into a fence before getting back on the road. It was behind another law enforcement vehicle. The officers tried to box the car in to stop it. It sped up and crashed into the front of another cruiser. As he again fled, he crashed. He fled on foot but was caught and arrested. He was arrested for this incident and for violating probation.

When placed under arrest for any reason, there can be long-term consequences that must be considered. Jail time, fines and a negative perception in the community for having a criminal record can lead to major issues in a person’s life. This is true regardless of the charges. While any alleged crime and a person accused of it is stigmatized, it does not necessarily mean that a person’s life is over when they have been charged. There might have been mitigating circumstances that led to the incident. The person could be having problems that warrant a second chance. A plea bargain might be available. A law firm that is skilled at finding avenues of defense is crucial.

In this incident, a man was arrested after a police chase in which he was also accused of running into a police cruiser as he tried to get away. While the charges are serious, he still has rights. A lawyer who has skill and experience in all areas of criminal defense can be of assistance in the case.

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