Memorial Day Drunk Driving Statistics

Memorial Day weekend has a historically higher alcohol-impaired traffic fatality rate than the rest of the year nationwide. In the year 2020, alcohol impaired traffic fatalities were the culprit of 30% of all crashes, where they were the cause of 41% of the crashes over Memorial Day weekend in 2020.

The NSC (National Safety Council) is estimating that there will be about 450 fatalities this Memorial Day weekend (Memorial Day Alcohol-Impaired Driving Statistics). If the statistics are similar to those of 2020, about 185 of those will be caused be alcohol-impaired driving.

Of course, we all hope the statistic is entirely wrong and nobody will lose their life, sadly that will most likely not come true. One way people can try to keep themselves and their loved ones safe is by wearing their seat belts. Studies show that seat belts are 45% effective in preventing fatalities for passengers riding in the front seat of the car. The NSC estimates that seat belts will save 178 lives this Memorial Day weekend, and that an additional 104 lives could be saved if all people in the vehicle wore seat belts.

Stay safe this Memorial Day weekend. Be sure to have a designated sober driver if you will be drinking, and make sure everyone in the car is buckled up before the car is put into drive.



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