New law permanently revokes licenses after multiple OWI offenses

Wisconsin ranks among the highest in the nation for state alcohol consumption. But that type of notoriety comes with a new cost. Recently, state lawmakers have passed a new bill that takes specific aim at habitual drunk driving offenders.

Repeated DUI or Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) offenders face permanent revocation of driver’s licenses after being convicted four or more times within a 15-year time-span. The consequences for driving while your license is permanently revoked results in a fine of $2,500 and the duration of up to 12 months in jail. A second time and penalties increase to $10,000.

Preventing tragedy

In 2015, the Department of Transportation (DOT) reported over 190 lives killed as a result of a drunk driver. There were also a reported 24,000 convictions related to OWI the same year. This new bill intends to aggressively inhibit the occurrence of such tragedies caused by drunk drivers in the future. Steep penalties apply to each level of OWI related convictions. However, permanent removal of driver’s licenses is leading the nation in state laws about DUI/OWI convictions.

Legal defense for OWI charges

If you or a loved one is experiencing drunk driving related charges, it is essential you know your options. Since the laws have recently changed, you may be at risk for having your license permanently revoked. Working with a legal professional may help you get your charges dropped or reduced. Don’t gamble with your driver’s license privileges when they could be taken away forever.

Do you think this new law will be effective?

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