Not everyone accused of domestic abuse is violent

This blog has on several occasions discussed the serious consequences even a first-time offender can face after being accused of domestic abuse or another criminal charge related to domestic violence.

There is also a certain stigma associated with getting convicted of or even accused of this sort of crime. Especially with heightened awareness of the problems with domestic violence, it is very easy for someone with a history to be seen as violent and unpredictable at all times. In others, the person will not be trusted in either a professional environment or even in one’s personal life.

However, the reality is that sometimes, a domestic abuse charges stem not so much from a violent personality as they do from just a night of having a good time and a few drinks. Unfortunately, when people have lost track of how much alcohol they’ve had, mistakes get made.

If this mistake involves a fight with a spouse, former spouse, or significant other, it can mean that an Appleton, Wisconsin resident will have to face domestic abuse charges.

As with any domestic abuse charge, a person facing accusations under these circumstances is potentially facing some serious consequences even beyond the possibility of jail and other criminal penalties. The attorney at our law office understands this.

When reviewing an investigating a case, his first goal is always to make sure his clients understand their options fully and feel like they have plenty of opportunity to get their questions answered. He uses his knowledge and experience to work out a solution that is in the best interest of his clients. In addition to going to trial or fighting for dismissal, he has been successful in reducing charges or diminishing consequences.

Your attorney's experience can make all the difference when your future is on the line. Learn how attorney Jeffrey Kippa can help you move forward.

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