Other consequences of domestic violence convictions

A previous post on this blog talked about how an Appleton, Wisconsin, resident might wind up losing custody of his children or even, in some cases, having to settle for supervised visits. As the previous post mentioned, this can happen even if the child was not an alleged victim and did not witness domestic violence.

This is just one of many so-called collateral consequences to a domestic violence conviction. In general, crimes related to domestic violence are particularly serious since they can have a far-reaching impact on a person’s life, even if the person was convicted of a misdemeanor and even if it was a first offense.

For instance, under a separate federal law, a person convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence will not be allowed to own or keep a firearm, even if he or she needs one for employment purposes. Likewise, certain professions, particularly those that involve working with children or families, will generally not accept an applicant with a domestic violence conviction. A conviction may also affect one’s immigration status and could lead to deportation.

To reiterate a previous post, it may be for some Wisconsin residents that the criminal penalties for a domestic assault or other conviction related to domestic violence are the least of their worries. As one can see, depending on a person’s circumstances, a conviction can make it very hard for a person to hold a job or do what he or she enjoys, even long after their sentence is served and over with.

This is why all domestic violence charges need to be taken seriously. A resident should not hesitate to explore his or her legal options and take the steps necessary to mount a vigorous defense.



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