Penalties for a first-time DUI

Wisconsin drivers who have never been pulled over by the police and are found to be drinking while driving may be interested in learning about the penalties for a first-time offense. Penalties vary from state to state; however, an attorney may advise you on what first-time penalties are in Wisconsin and what may be done to lower those penalties.

Whether jail time might be a penalty of driving under the influence is probably the first thing a driver facing drunk driving charges might want to know. In many states, an individual who is convicted may face up to one year in jail. If the driver has a clean driving record and does not show a high BAC level after testing, the judge in some states may opt for community service as opposed to jail. Causing bodily injury while driving under the influence is a different matter. This might elevate the charge to a felony as opposed to a misdemeanor and means more serious penalties.

Fines are a real possibility when you find yourself convicted for DUI. In addition to the fine for driving under the influence, the driver has to pay court costs and a relicensing fee. In addition, a DUI conviction probably means paying much higher rates for car insurance. Some companies might simply cancel the policy.

The ability to drive is important for many people to get to or perform a job or take children to school. In most states, just the arrest for DUI is enough to have a driver’s license suspended, at least for a few months. With a conviction, the license may be suspended for much longer.

A driver who has been arrested for suspected DUI may benefit from an attorney’s counsel. An attorney could help by answering questions, examining the evidence and preparing a defense to reduce penalties.

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