Police officer charged with domestic violence offense

A police detective on the force of Wisconsin’s largest city was reported in jail while prosecutors contemplate filing charges related to a domestic incident with his girlfriend. Police indicated that an internal investigation in to his conduct is also underway.

Police described the woman’s injuries as serious. They say they found her at a neighbor’s home after an alleged altercation with the detective about his not being faithful to the woman. The woman said she was attacked and fled to the neighbor’s home.

Police say they observed the woman had blood on her face and showed signs of facial swelling. She also was later treated with stiches for an injury to her leg and apparently broke her finger. She said she had been punched as well as kicked and pushed down to the ground.

However, the woman also admitted that she had been physical with the detective at previous points in their relationship. The woman reported slapping him, but he pushed her and slapped her back.

This detective seemed to be fairly high ranking, as he was assigned to at least one very high profile case involving the death of another police officer.

Although this happened in a different part of Wisconsin, this story goes to show that people from all walks of life, even public servants entrusted with enforcing the laws of this state, can wind up facing domestic violence charges. If charged, this detective could face significant jail time and also strict probation with terms like mandatory counseling and a protective order. His job as a police officer may also be in jeopardy. He will want to evaluate his options carefully and mount a strong defense.

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