Prostitution remains illegal in Wisconsin

Despite some efforts to de-criminalize prostitution in other parts of the country and the world, Wisconsin still outlaws the practice. As most Wisconsin residents probably know already, prostitution involves the paying of money for sexual favors.

In some cases, being involved with prostitution can even someone with a felony conviction. For instance, someone who allows their property to be used as a place where people can hire a prostitute can find themselves charged with a felony, which can spell prison time and other long-term consequences.

While one might think it simple enough to avoid these sorts of charges, business owners in particular need to be careful that they know what is really going on during their business’s hours of operation, even if their intention is to run a legitimate business. If it turns out that their managers, employees, or others are using the business as an opportunity to be involved in prostitution, then the owners themselves can find themselves facing serious criminal charges.

For instance, in Neenah, only a few miles from Appleton, three people were recently arrested on charges of keeping a place of prostitution following a police investigation and raid of their massage business. While the giving of a message is certainly not illegal, police allege that sexual favors were also exchanged at this business.

People from all walks of life can get caught up in prostitution, and many other can be accused of involvement with the practice even if they were not. As these sorts of criminal matters are both serious and emotionally sensitive, having a strong criminal defense strategy after being accused of a prostitution-related charge is often essential.



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