Teens face drunk driving and child endangerment allegations

Any Wisconsinite who is facing allegations of driving while intoxicated must understand the short and long-term consequences they will deal with if they are convicted. Not only will it impact their driving privileges, but it can lead to jail time, fines and other penalties. Depending on the situation and if there are multiple offenses alleged, the person can have his or her entire life upended. No matter how the charges came about, it is crucial to craft a strong defense against these allegations with help from an experienced OWI attorney.

A teen is accused of underage drunk driving while a baby was in the vehicle. The mother and another teen were also in the car and alleged to have been drunk. Law enforcement was called at around 10:30 p.m. when they were told a driver was operating a vehicle recklessly. The vehicle was speeding and swerving in and out of traffic. One law enforcement officer stated the vehicle was going at around 25-mph above the posted speed limit. When the vehicle stopped by a gas station, law enforcement checked on its occupants.

The driver was an allegedly intoxicated 15-year-old male. Two other teens were found in the vehicle and they too were said to be under the influence. A 5-month-old male baby was in the vehicle as well. The mother, 19, was said to be so heavily under the influence that she was speaking incoherently and could not stand straight. She faces child neglect charges. In the vehicle were beer bottles. The driver was arrested and later released to his parents’ custody.

Any OWI charge carries with it serious consequences, but when it is an underage driver, a mother who is accused of child neglect and multiple offenses, the long-term damage is substantial should there be a conviction. The loss of driving privileges, child custody factors, jail, fines and more can result. For those who are dealing with these and other charges related to drunk driving, it is crucial to have legal assistance to try and reduce the charges or get an acquittal. Calling a law firm that has a wealth of experience in helping a wide variety of clients of all ages facing drunk driving charges and other accusations can help.

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