Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is often experienced by those who live in Appleton, Wisconsin, and other areas of the country as a physical altercation between spouses or two people who are living together. In reality, this is only one form of domestic violence that is in existence. The violence also could include physical abuse, emotional or sexual abuse and even financial abuse. Most of the time, this violence takes place between two people who are either married or in a similar relationship. However, it also could involve children and parents, friends who live together or other family members who live in the same home.

Physical abuse occurs when any kind of physical force is used by one person against another. This type of domestic violence can include anything from kicking to choking, biting or pushing another person. Behavior that results in minor injuries, such as slapping, also is considered to be physical abuse.

When someone’s self-worth is damaged by another, then it’s considered to be emotional abuse. This is a type of abuse can be especially difficult for others to understand or even spot as it’s a common behavior in a lot of unhealthy relationships. Sexual abuse involves rape, harassment and any kind of unwelcome sexual contact or persuasion. Financial abuse often isn’t reported, but it does occur. Examples include stealing money from the other person’s bank account or possession or preventing someone from getting a job.

Those who have been charged with domestic violence can seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney that can help determine if there is any evidence to suggest self-defense. Sometimes a person may be mistakenly charged with domestic violence, such as after being in a fight in a bar or a simple misunderstanding.

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