Were you wrongly accused of domestic abuse?

Undoubtedly, domestic violence is a serious crime, and those who are guilty of it should suffer the consequences. The problem is that not everyone in Wisconsin who faces domestic abuse charges is guilty of it.

When it comes to domestic violence, there are often two sides to the story. You have the right to tell your side of the story, but doing it alone will more than likely not result in the outcome you want. Many people who are wrongly accused tend to think that they do not need an attorney, but they are wrong.

I have the truth on my side. That is enough, right?

Eventually, the truth might come out, but in the meantime, you could end up serving time in jail because you did not present an aggressive defense to the charges. This is where an attorney is your biggest ally. In many cases, the truth needs help coming out before it does any further damage to your life.

So how will my attorney defend me against the charges?

Many defenses to domestic abuse charges are available, and one of the following might fit your particular situation:

1. Sadly, some people claim they were the victims of domestic abuse when it is not actually true. Attorneys see this most often in nasty divorces and custody battles. Combatting false allegations often requires pointing out the inconsistencies in the other person’s story. Without conclusive proof that you committed any crime, prosecutors will not be able to meet the burden of proof required in criminal cases.

2. Perhaps the abuse did occur, but you did not perpetrate it. In this case, evidence will need to prove that you could not have done it. For example, if you were somewhere else at the time, you could not have been the one who hurt the person accusing you of the crime.

3. If you were merely defending yourself or someone you love from an “imminent threat,” you could claim that whatever actions you took were self-defense.

4. In some rare cases, your accuser might have consented to what happened at the time, but then decided to claim that it was abuse.

If you find yourself being accused of domestic abuse, contacting an attorney as soon as possible is most likely your best option.

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