What are some strategies used to reduce the number of OWI offenses in Wisconsin?

It is illegal for a driver to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol level) at or above .08 percent in Wisconsin. If an individual has three or more previous DWI convictions, their illegal BAC while operating a vehicle lower to .02 percent.

The looming pandemic has resulted in ridesharing applications such as Lyft and Uber posing less desirable to many Americans, as they worry about contracting the virus from a stranger. The duty of choosing a designated driver before a night out is more important than ever.

With Wisconsin repeatedly landing itself on the list of the top ten states with the most DUIs, existing strategies aimed to lessen the already widely-committed OWI offenses in our state prove important, especially as circumstances in our country continue to shift.  Most individuals are aware of the OWI laws in the state but not many are aware of the additional measures law enforcement take in order to make sure their roads remain safe.  It’s important to keep these additional measures in mind and avoid drinking and getting behind the wheel. 

Sobriety Checkpoints

Sobriety checkpoints are predetermined locations where officers stop drivers to check if they are alcohol impaired. Each vehicle that passes this location may be stopped, or vehicles may be stopped at certain intervals. The locations utilized for checkpoints are greatly visible, as well as greatly publicized. This ensures individuals perceive a higher risk of arrest, aiming for less drunk driving accidents.

High-Visibility Saturation Patrols

Many officers patrol a certain area, typically during times and at locations where drunk driving accidently occur most frequently. These patrols are regularly conducted and publicized highly, just as sobriety checkpoints are.

Are You Facing an OWI Charge?

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