What does domestic violence refer to?

This blog recently discussed some options for addressing domestic violence concerns but what is considered domestic violence? Domestic violence refers to violence between family members or household members and can generally refer to any type of partners, though the definition of what is considered domestic violence may vary by state.

Criminal charges for domestic violence can also vary depending on different factors including the nature of the harm; if a minor was present; and if a protective or restraining order was violated. The way domestic violence is charged can vary by state and in some states, domestic violence is its own distinct crime so it is best to be familiar with your state laws if you find yourself involved in a family violence situation or charged with domestic violence.

Though physical violence is the type of domestic violence that is most commonly thought of, it is only one type of domestic violence. It is true that domestic violence can refer to physical violence including a variety of behaviors but it can also refer to sexual abuse, emotional abused, psychological abuse and economic abuse. Domestic violence charges can include physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or economic abuse or a combination of these types of behaviors that may be alleged against the accused individual.

Domestic violence is a concern in many communities and, unfortunately, a concern in many families which is why it is important to understand how to respond to situations of domestic violence. Legal resources are available to all parties involved in a family violence situation, including individuals who have been accused of domestic violence, which is why it is important that accused individuals are also familiar with the legal options available to them.

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