What happens to children after domestic violence

When it comes to domestic violence, there are certain factors that are not widely understood. The patterns of abuse will vary depending on the person, and each case can be very different. The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families states that people of all ages, races, genders and education levels can be affected. The marital status does not matter, and violence can even happen between couples who are simply dating. Abuse occurs in same-sex relationships just as it does in opposite-sex couples, and it can happen in homes of any economic or social background. In addition to these points, there is also often a misunderstanding about what will happen to children in abusive situations.

How CPS is involved

When it comes to juveniles, the role of Child Protective Services is to determine whether or not the home is a safe place for children. If it is found to be a dangerous place, officials may temporarily remove the kids while an investigation is performed. If this happens, it is generally only a short-term measure, and caseworkers can begin to offer support to alleviate stress and prevent harm from occurring. Children will be examined and questioned to determine the nature and extent of abuse in the home.

Will a violence shelter affect child removal?

If a spouse leaves the home and takes the children to a violence shelter, CPS will not remove the kids from that parent’s custody. They may work with the parent to investigate the situation and discuss a plan for the family’s safety when they leave the shelter. While the other parent will be notified of the investigation, he or she will not be told where the children are staying.

Can my children ever come back?

One of the many services that CPS provides involves creating a safe atmosphere for the children to return to. Agencies can provide day care and parent training, and financial help can also be sought in the form of utility deposits and the purchase of needed household items. A caseworker can also locate community resources to provide continued support for the family.

While domestic violence is never a good thing, officials are committed to working toward providing a safe atmosphere in which to reunite the family. If you or someone you know is currently involved in a violent relationship, it is important to encourage them to seek help, especially if children are in the home. If you have been charged with domestic violence, an attorney can ensure that your rights are protected and your family is reunited as quickly as possible.

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